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Check out the latest from Emily's A-Class in our workers whips blog, This Sexy A-Class is packed with goodies like V-Maxx springs, EBC brakes, Linea Corse LC818, agressive looking AMG Styling plus Canards.

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IT’s JDM YO! Despite the consistent torque and rust jokes that float around the office throughout everyday of our life here at POTN headquarters, certain members of staff including myself persist with the Honda VTEC Love. This Edition of Workers Whips is yet another Civic, yes you read it right, another Honda! They maybe a bit like Marmite but this little VTEC Beast has got itself a little bit of a social following and deserves a spot on the blog. SO HERE WE HAVE IT, DAVES CIVIC. What model of Civic do you have?My little Civic is a ej9 1.4...

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Well here it is folks, the much anticipated article of the week on the world wide web, the blog on “Dangerous” Brians VW polo. This forever changing, infamous Polo has only blessed POTN for a small amount of time. After a while, when we finally stopped making jokes about how slow it was, we realised this car gave us something, it makes us feel young again. I often found myself looking out at the car and realising it’s why alot of us got into modding cars. Little cars like this, where parts are vast, cheap and make it easy to...

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