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Workers Whips - Emily's A-Class

Workers Whips - Emily's A-Class

Workers Whips POTN

Workers Whips is back and better then ever.

We will be updating this regularly with the staff projects and how they progress over the year! Now the sun is starting to shine the office car park is looking so much more interesting.

We are starting with Emily's Mercedes A-Class AMG-Line A200D (W176), Emily Travels across the country to the work office, so opted for a diesel and then put the effort in to upgrade the bodywork with more AMG style components.

Emily has been working here at POTN for a year and a half and works in the accounts and sales department.

Emily's A-Class


What made you go for the A-Class?

I was looking for something to replace my Astra as it was starting to show it's age. I knew I wanted a Mercedes to show a bit of Class and I knew I wanted a  hatchback. I Found this on sale and I just had to buy it.

What have you done to the car?

Started with the Pipercross performance panel filter, we start every car here at POTN with this, easy, simple first modification.

Sitting on V-maxx lowering springs, 40mm all-round which really helped with the styling and the handling and gave it a better look.

12mm spacers all round to push the standard wheels out.

I then purchased an Aero body kit conversion which had a bit of customisation done to it by my body shop and added the canards.

Have you always been into cars?

Yeah, Just loved them from a young age, My partner and myself both work in the performance industry so we have been around cars for years.

Anything else planned for the whip?

A few things, I have brought some wheels which should be landing this week :P 

The car is in need of some new brakes, so I just purchased some EBC YellowStuff pads and brand news discs which are currently in the boot, this should help :)

If there is anything you want to know about the car then drop us a comment or send over an email or call 01604 212140


We are a part performance parts supplier and offer some of the parts named, feel free to use the links or get in touch with us at

Pipercross Air Filter  The Pipercross Shop
Spacers  Eibach Shop
V-Maxx Springs  V-Maxx Shop
Wheels  Rotashop


The wheels arrived!

I loved the look of the Linea Corse LC818 wheels from Rotashop, 19" 8.5" ET45 5x112 which was a bigger diameter helping fill the arch even more.

I run a small 3mm spacer on the front to clear the caliper and a 5mm spacer on the rear with a 235/35/19 I get some rubbing on full lock and would perhaps go for a smaller tyre in the future, but the look is fantastic and so worth it.

Linea Corse LC818 Mercedes A-Class

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