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First Mods for the Yaris GR

First Mods for the Yaris GR

We don't like to mess around here at POTN, which is why on the second day of ownership we have the original exhaust removed and replaced for the Remus Racing GPF-Back Exhaust System!

Remus Exhaust

Thanks to new rules, regulations, and GPF filters, the 3-cylinder engine from the Yaris GR doesn't particularly sound the best from standard, however, that sound has now been transformed thanks to Remus Exhausts UK for hooking us up with the first UK system for the Yaris GR.

Remus Exhaust

With the Remus Exhaust you get an increase in volume and tone both inside and outside the car. The increase in volume is more pleasing to the ears, providing a more excitable sound when under throttle and the good thing is, you don't have to be going crazy speeds to extract the full sound out of this system, our test runs have all been from a standing start and you can really notice the difference as soon as you start the engine, this new exhaust note will definitely turn heads. Check out how the Remus Exhaust sounds by watching the video below!

We have also installed the Pipercross performance panel filter. This quick and easy mod is the first thing that anyone here at POTN does straight away when they get a new car! The modification takes literally 2 minutes by simply removing the OE paper filter and directly replacing it with the Pipercross foam filter.

Air Filters

At just £39.95 you can't go wrong. By installing the Pipercross panel filter you will see an improvement in performance, with both power and torque figures being increased. The foam material and cleverly expert design will allow up to 40% more air to flow throughout the engine, in which, performance besides, is healthier for the engine - the triple layer foam will trap the dirty particles to stop them from flowing into the engine to ensure all air flowing throughout your engine is clean. 

Pipercross Air Filter

You can purchase the Pipercross panel filter by clicking here or by visiting and entering your car details. Free UK next working day delivery.

GR Yaris

We have lots planned for the GR Yaris in the near future, click here to read our other blog post outlining all the modifications we have in the pipeline for the GR Yaris. What mods do you want to see? 🤔

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