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Performance Parts for the Toyota Yaris GR

Performance Parts for the Toyota Yaris GR

Toyota Yaris GR

What are your thoughts on the all-new Toyota Yaris GR? Some say it's overrated, some say it's underrated, where as here at POTN we think this could be simply one of the best hot hatches on the market to date. We are excited to share this blog post with you to show off all the performance parts that we offer for the all-new Toyota Yaris GR.

EBC Brakes

EBC Brakes have already released applications for the Yaris GR including their famous YellowStuff Pads, BlueStuff Pads, RP-1 / RP-X Pads, and their high-performance brake lines. You can check out the range of brake products we currently offer by clicking here or by hitting the link below. 

EBC Brakes for Toyota Yaris GR

Free UK next working day delivery if you order before 12pm.

Eibach Springs

Some exciting news coming from Eibach, we are very excited to announce that the Pro-Kit lowering springs and Pro-Wheel Spacers from Eibach are currently under development! It's no secret that the Yaris GR is a great handling car, however, with the Eibach Pro-Kit and Pro-Wheel Spacers you can massively improve the ride quality and handling ability making this the ULTIMATE track hot hatch! Check out to view the full range of applications. 

Eibach Products

We expect delivery to be the start of June.

UK next working day delivery.


Pipercross Air Filters

Pipercross have already released the performance panel filter for the all-new Yaris GR. Pipercross panel filters improve the air flow throughout the engine by 30-40% compared to the OE filters. This will provide your Yaris GR with an increase in both power and torque figures, oh yeah and the lovely intake noise 😏 These filters are handmade in the UK factory and can be washed and reused making them great for the environment. You will also get lifetime warranty and improved fuel economy! Who doesn't like that?!?

Pipercross Panel Filter

Free UK next working day delivery.


Remus Exhaust

Another exciting product due to release very soon for the Yaris GR is the Remus Exhaust Racing GPF-Back Section. This Remus Racing system features another innovative design for maximum sound and performance, I can guarantee the sound of your Yaris GR will be greatly improved. We don't have many details as of yet however, stay tuned and we will be sure to update you all the moment we get more information!

Remus Exhaust

UK next working day delivery.


Toyota Yaris GR

That's a wrap. We have a nice range of performance products for the Toyota Yaris GR whether it's to improve looks, handling, performance, or sound. 

Do you have a Yaris GR? Get in touch now and let us know what parts you are most excited for!

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