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Rota Wheels for the Mazda MX5 Published 7th February 2016 at 9:14 pm   The Mazda MX5 has been a car that over the past few years has soared in popularity with its RWD and fantastic handling its easy to see why. While some may still see it as a “hairdressers car” many of you have bought one, modified it, tracked it and then modified it again and still love it to this day. There are many different wheel choices to choose from that come in different sizes and widths but have been supplying wheels for one thing and...

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We was chatting to our guys at Rotashop about some of the nicest cars they have come across, a car that got brought up was an absolute ledgend, The Toyota Supra, The conversation moved on and we remembered Shawns Supra. A customer we had the pleasure of dealing with a while back. so we digged through the archives and found the blog post on Rotashop. Check it out guys.   Owner: Shawn Car: Toytota Supra 1994 Wheels: Front 18×10 et35 Rota GTR-DRears 18×12 et20 Rota GTR-D Tyres: Front – Toyo R888 265/35/18 Rear – Toyo R888 315/30/18 Suspension: Tein adjustable Coilovers This...

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