Rieger Tuning - Hyundai i30N Splitter & Side Skirts (PDE Hatchback)

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Transform the look of your i30N by adding the Rieger Tuning body kit which can include a

  • Front Splitter in ABS plastic - Matt Black - The Front splitter sits across the width of the front bumper giving you an agressive, lower and wider look making the Red N pinstripe more dominant.
  • Side Skirt extensions ABS plastic Matt Black - The side extensions are a must have add on with the splitter allowing the body style to look more flowing, the car should have come with these as standard, it matches the splitter in making it look lower and wider.
  • Rear extensions ABS plastic - Matt Black - The Rear extensions help make the rear splitter even more aggressive sitting on the left and right side of the bumper it makes it look as good as it sounds.


For original front bumpers and side skirts 

ABS Plastic Matt Black

incl. mounting equipment

Comes unpainted in Matt Black - for best results please paint.

Delivery 1 - 2 weeks

Hyundai i30 N (PDE): 07.17- | 5-dr. (hatchback), 5-dr. (fastback)