POTN Hyundai I30N wheel spacer package - ST spacers 12.5mm each side.

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ST Wheel spacers is the easy and perfect way to extend your track width.

POTN have put together this Hyundai i30N 12.5mm kit to give you the perfect aggressive look on your i30N, this kit is for standard wheels but do let us know if you have aftermarket wheels as we can offer a kit for them too.

This kit includes 2 pairs of 12.5 ST spacers 

4 adapters one for each spacer to go from the spacer bore to the vehicles bore.

Set of 20 shaft lug nuts.

The beauty of these spacers is you do not need to remove your stud as the shaft nut caters for the extra length needed. 

Delivery is 1-2 days to the UK.


Spacer 56055011 x2

Adapter 65250024 x4

Shaft lug nuts 56110395 x2

320 =

ST shaft nuts with a 60° taper seat must be used to mount the wheel. The mounting holes of the wheel must have 60° taper seat, too. Additionally please check before assembly if the shaft of the ST shaft nut fits through the mounting holes of the wheel. ST shaft nuts can only be used in combination with system DZX. ST

 ATTENTION! Pleases consider minimum thread engagement. / M12x1.25 at least 12.0 turns (15mm supporting thread) / M12x1.50 at least 10.0 turns (15mm supporting thread) / M14x1.50 at least 12.5 turns (19mm supporting thread) / 1/2“ at least 12.0 turns (16mm supporting thread)