P3 Gauge Volkswagen Golf Mk5 TDI (2005-2009) with Red Bars / White Digits

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P3 V3 OBD2 Gauge

  • Color Matched Display

    Our gauges look right at home next to your instrument cluster

  • Peak Recall w/ 15sec Playback

    See the highest value or a 15 second recording with the press of a button

  • Digital Boost/Vacuum

    Accurately read boost and vacuum without having to run tubing or tap your intake

  • 80psi Analog Boost Sensor

    Optional sensor for aggressively modified vehicles, non-factory boosted, or piggy-back tunes

  • EGT, Intake Air & Coolant Temps

    Keep tabs on your engine temps in one location

  • Throttle Plate & Ignition Timing

    See the exact position of your throttle and watch real-time ignition timing

  • Raw Speed w/ 0-60 Timer

    See your true vehicle speed and dial in your launch

  • RPM w/ Shift-light

    Rotational speed of the engine with programmable shift light that flashes in all modes

  • Code Read/Clear

    Find out why your engine light is on and save a trip to the dealer

  • Battery Voltage

    Keep an eye on your battery voltage at all times

  • Plug-n-Play

    No hacking harnesses or spider-webs of wires, our gauge plugs right into the OBD2 port