Hyundai i30N EBC Big Brake Kit From EBC

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The latest product to come from EBC's Centre of excellence in research and development is the Apollo Balanced Brake kit

This kit is by far the best on the market for price, quality and of course performance.

Every kit is supplied with all the hardware you need to completely replace all equivalent components of your vehicles stock braking system, giving a firmer and more responsive brake pedal and allowing you to drive harder for longer without the onset of brake fade.

This kit currently consists of X2 large calipers in the choices of colour, X2 Floating discs (355 x 32mm) and the latest YellowStuff compound and Brake lines.

We are currently working on adding the rear pads to match, Get in touch if you would like to know more.

POTN runs and owns which allows us to offer these kits for the i30N. 

This kit is brand new to the market and stock levels are growing, for accurate delivery times please send us a message or call on the following....We currently estimate 1-2 weeks.


TEL: 01604 212140