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The Rota Slipstreams Just Got that Bit Bigger!

The Rota Slipstreams Just Got that Bit Bigger!


The Rota Slipstreams Just Got that Bit Bigger!

Unless you have been stuck under a rock since 2001 you would have come across the uber lightweight Rota Slipstream wheel. The fat 5 spoked wheel is one of Rota Wheels best sellers of all time. Chosen as the go to wheel for many Race series including the MX5 championship, the Rota Slipstream has been available from 15″ upto 17″ in most fitments including 4×100, 4×108 and 5×114.

New to 2016 though is the beautiful 18″ option,  still with the chunky 5 spoke design but with the added bonus of more dish. The new 18″ Rota Slipstream is available in various widths which means the option of a staggered set up with some wider rears which will be popular with many Japanese RWD car owners.




The fat 5 spoked wheel is one of Rota Wheels best sellers of all time.


The 18″ Rota Slipstreams are available in 5×100, 5×112, 5×114 and 5×120 which covers most popular car manufacturers including VAG, BMW and of course Nissan, Toyota and Honda. The width options are 8.5″, 9.5″ and the widest 10.5″ and the offset ranges from ET20 all the way upto ET44. This means for Impreza and Lancer Evo owners they will clear your big Brembo brake calipers.





The new 18″ Rota Slipstream is available in three finishes Matt Black, White and the eye catching Hyper Black. These finishes are available in most of the fitments mentioned above.

Prices start from £198 for a single 18×8.5 and finish at £234 for the 18×10.5 option. Not got the money up front then dont despair the guys at offer various difference finance options to suit most.

Visit Rotashop to get your hands on these Rota Slipstreams 

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