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It was an early morning on the 3rd of October, rain was forecast, and coffee was in hand. We were sitting on the Silverstone junction on the A43 in our GR Yaris. Yes ladies and gentlemen, we was off to TRAX 2021.

There was a sense of excitement in the air, The car quality was perhaps the best we had seen. Seeing everything from to the luxurious Audi R8 down to the humble Fiesta, We were slowly moving closer and closer to the gate, with a nod to the local copper and security team trying to direct what seemed like a gazillion cars into the right lanes and parking areas.

Over the bridge we go and you could then finally see the reason for the queues, the club stands were huge, everyone seemed to be on top form, cleaning the cars spotless and checking out vehicle as they entered.


We got ourselves onto the Turbosmart stand, we cleaned up the Gr Yaris (extra thanks to the guys at Meguiars for sorting us out rather quickly) and the show began.

The Guys on the Turbosmart stand had set up an array of products and their knowledge of the products really shone through, certainly a must have for any serious car enthusiast running boost. Check out the full range at

Turbosmart stand


The stands were exceptional, plenty of incredible cars with the likes of Goodridge which had the incredible Liberty Walk Toyota Supra running those in-your-face custom Rotiforms that complement the aggressive wide arch fitment and the huge spoiler giving you enough downforce to the put the Earths axle out of place. The guys at The Performance Company absolutely nailed this one and cannot wait to see what else they release.

 LB Supra

Bilstein were directly behind the Turbosmart stand, pitched up in one of the pit garages, (they obviously saw the weather forecast) with an incredible M3 on their stand fitted with their products with incredible stance a true weapon, they had all their products on display with a wealth of knowledge and experience with the guys on stand, being a retailer of theirs with us powering the Bilstein Suspension Store, it’s always great to see the stand busy and people keen to talk to them.


The Meguiars stand couldn’t be missed with a bright yellow Mk4 Supra running the Rota Grid in a Hyper Black with aggressive concave that just made the car stand out, of course being on the Meguiars stand it was probably one of the cleanest cars I have ever seen leaving me jealous and wanting.

Mk4 Supra

The Wheelpros stand was also eye catching with a Mk2 running Pipercross and looking exceptional, the wheels they had on display are always second to none and available through us at Felgen Werkes our one stop shop for everything stance.


GOLF Wheelpros

Moving along the exhibitors was a lot of other stands this year, with everything from vape products (which were grasping a lot of attention) down to insurance stands, a quick look at the clothing stands with a peek in the Deadly tent to see the latest designs.

We was soon pulled towards a couple of the garages in the pits which were opened up for the RC Drifters, the skill these guys have is awesome and looks like so much fun, I couldn’t help be impressed by the detail the cars had and seeing them doing drift chains only got us hyped for the main events today when the BDC guys could get on track.

We then went onto walk around the show, we was enjoy this one as there is so much Rota on display, being a Rota Wheels dealer and running the Rotashop it’s a brand we’re always looking out for in places like this.


We stumbled across this classic combination of the Rota BM8 on an Mx5, you can always see why this is common partnership with brilliant fitment and retro design. (Perhaps it could go a little lower :D )


The Rota GTR-D is a favourite amongst the drift scene with huge widths offered in a 18” giving most the ability to run wider arches, staggered fitments without braking the bank and sacrificing looks a beautiful S14

 Adam Grid

Spotted from the other end of the show we saw an Insta favourite of ours with this Vauxhall Adam S owned by @chaves_ella running the Rota Grid, our photography skills let us down here showing that Rota don’t just belong on Jap cars, running great fitment and really showing the aggression with that quad exhaust.

 Rota Fighter Dc5

So many favourites at this show, another good combination, DC5 running the Rota Fighter, giving off that Jap race look and certainly ready for track.


A Rare old beast, this S15 was running the Rota GTR, with a beautiful amount of concave and really standing out in that bronze on white combination.

We of course missed a tonne of cars and apologies for my dodgy photos, feel free to send some to me if you are running products that we sell, 

We had an exceptional time at TRAX we cannot wait to attend next years.

bye for now.






  • Thanks for the comments guys!

  • Love Trax, just a shame my dog died the day before and i couldn’t make it

  • Brilliant coverage of the show, disappointed I couldn’t make it! GR Yaris looked at home on the Turbosmart stand!

    Iva Biggen
  • Looks like you had an amazing day! Excited to see some more great content.

  • Gutted I missed this! Yaris looks amazing :)


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