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Bilstein! The Range Explained

Bilstein! The Range Explained

Bilstein! The Range Explained


We all know that the best dampers in the world come from Bilstein, however choosing the right damper for your needs is crucial in the set up of your vehicle, or else you might end up with a full race damper on your camper. We took the time to help explain. We will go through the damper range, hopefully to help your understanding of the range.

Let us start with the basics, what is a shock absorber?

A shock absorbers purpose is to damp spring oscillations. To absorb energy from the spring using valves to control oil and gasses, by doing this they help limit the excessive suspension movement.

On most vehicles manufactures will use a spring (or torsion bar) and damper set up. In doing so you improve handling, feedback and keep the car safely on the road. Bilstein then use their advanced knowledge and capabilities of building superior dampers to offer us a great range to suit yours and the vehicle’s needs.

In Summary: without the ‘gobbeldy goop’ to keep your wheels on the ground and absorb bumps on the road.

Now lets explain the range and why they’re different.





The B4 damper is what we call an OEM replacement, meaning it was designed to replace or match what the car has on it from factory, this allows you to either replace or change to a more superior higher quality shock. Often returning the ride to a better then ‘from factory’ feel.

In most cases the B4 is available for all passenger cars coming in either montube or more traditional twin-tube shocks.

In summary: if you’re looking to replace the dampers to what they had from factory but looking for a better build quality then this is a cost effective way of doing so, great deals are always had on these and in a very competitive market the POTN powered is helping lead the UK Retail market.

  • Standard replacement.
  • Use your standard springs.
  • Great value for money.
  • Better and better value then main dealer prices.
  • Higher quality then standard.



The Bilstein B6 damper, perfect for someone looking for more. The B6 is a gas-pressure shock that helps find that perfect spot between performance and comfort.

Built with high quality components ensuring that the performance of the damper prooves superior even when demands are high.

We have found the damper suitable for a non-lowered vehicle looking to increase the street performance in town and the motorway of your vehicle, regularly found on track day cars the B6 is regularly given the stats of being around 20% stiffer than a standard shock absorber on a vehicle. However you do need to take into consideration your standard shock, if you already have a performance vehicle your shock may be more suited to the B6 as standard.

In Summary: perfect for anyone looking to increase the handling of the Vehicle without compromising comfort too much, working well with non-lowered vehicles on standard springs.

  • Upgrade your set up with B6.
  • Roughly 20% stiffer then a standard chassis shock.
  • Standard height shock, use your original springs.
  • Frequently found with internal bump stops.
  • Perfect for fast road use.
  • Will be found on all sorts of competition use.



The Bilstein B8 is performance damper is built to be the perfect enhancement for a lowered vehicle, for example if your running lowering springs, such as Eibach or V-maxx.

The B8 is a shortened shock when helps with ensuring the right spring tension on the lowered spring, therefore helping increase your handling and driving experience. The damper will help reduce “bottoming out” when driving on every day roads, the damper again is rated around 20% stiffer and is very similar to the B6 but the extra improvement is the shortened shock. The B8 range has some very interesting variants such as the 5100 series for those looking to increase the ride height, perfect for the 4×4’s and off roaders.

In summary: If your car is lowered, or going to be lowered then the B8 is going to be more ideal, the shortened shock will help with ‘bottoming’ out the damper.

  • Upgrade you’re set up with B8.
  • Roughly 20% stiffer then a standard chassis shock.
  • Shortened shock, works perfect with lowering springs.
  • Frequently found with internal bump stops.
  • Perfect for fast road use.
  • will be found on all sorts of competition use.






The Bilstein B12 range offers the best of both worlds, why? because Bilstein manufacture the best dampers in the world and Eibach are the best at springs, both manufactures teamed up and put the kits together, with the Eibach Pro-kit being the most popular of the springs they offer these give a great driving feel for everyday allowing you to drive around town comfortably but being firm when you want it. Usually offering a drop of around 30mm on most cars, partnered with the Bilstein B8 with it’s shortened rod then allows you to trust your suspension to take the corner with confidence, without rattling your teeth and getting that ‘crashy‘ feel.

Most people when putting lowering springs on the vehicle forget about the rest of the suspension, dampers are an important factor, often dropping the car, reducing the life of the shock and having a negative impact on the car, with the Bilstein B8 involved you won’t be compromising a thing.

The Sportline is a spring for the vehicles needing a slightly greater job, usually around the 40-45mm drop the springs tend to offer a firmer ride, but still perfect for the customer looking for a great everyday ride, but want that superior setup.

In summary: Take advantage of the kits to get amazing value and the job being done in one order. lowered springs, shortened shock, simples.

  • Get the best of both worlds with the B12.
  • Roughly 20% stiffer than a standard chassis shock.
  • Receive springs and shocks in one order.
  • Frequently found with internal bump stops.
  • Perfect for fast road use.
  • Comfortable yet firm ride.





The Bilstein B14, something incredible to put on your vehicle, with height adjustability, 2 year warranty and superior build quality this is the kit you need. For a fast road set up, for the track day, for competition. with ease tune the set up you want buy adjusting the threaded collar to adjust the height of the vehicle, to allow the perfect set up to get over those town bumps or lower it close to the ground for the track tarmac. With excellent value for money for the quality you receive it is hard to understand why you wouldnt.

The B14 is a firmer set up then the range previously mentioned but we often find that people describe it as less ‘crashy’ than standard suspension found on performance vehicles, as the shock reacts perfectly to the road and track.

In summary: perfect for the customer looking to improve the cars handling even further. Easy adjustment to the height of the vehicle.

  • Fine tune your set up with the Bilstein B14
  • Height adjustable ride.
  • Receive springs and shocks in one order.
  • Use your original top mounts.
  • Perfect for fast road use.
  • Perfect for track use.



Height and dampening adjustment offers you a new level of perfection. Adjust the collars for height and simply turn the dial on each shock for desired dampening rate. whether you like it hard or soft or even adjust it to match the occasion, track day coming up? No problem. finding the ride to hard on your way to work? No worries.

With lots of B16 variants on the market from Bilstein it gets even easier, with B16 Ride control you can fit a button in to the car to adjust from soft to hard.

B16 Damptronic is also available which is plug and play into your existing cars electronic set up to adjust with the mode of the vehicle.

In Summary: If you’re looking for the best, which you should be, then this is the kit dampening and height adjustment with ease, get your vehicle exactly how you want it.

  • Get the perfect sett up with the Bilstein B14
  • Height adjustable ride.
  • Dampening adjustable
  • Use your original top mounts.
  • Perfect for fast road use.
  • perfect for track use.
  • Perfect for every use.


Don’t forget, we POTN (Performance On The Nuts) power the Bilstein Suspension Store, a whole retail site dedicated to selling Bilstein, professional staff and very competitive pricing, If you have any queries or would like to know more or any questions you may have then please message for more.

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